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Review of Taxi Licence Release Arrangements

KPMG's report into Tasmania's taxi licence release arrangements has been presented to the State Government. The recommendations of this report, together with those from the Final Report of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator's Taxi Fare Methodology Inquiry (TER), will now be carefully considered by the State Government.

These two reviews will provide the Government, in collaboration with the taxi industry, with the framework to implement important changes for the State's taxi industry.

Given that links exist between the TER inquiry and the KPMG Review, the department's intention is to analyse these two reports together and develop a combined response.

The KPMG report contains a number of recommendations on many issues, including changes relating to the issuing of new Owner-Operator taxi licences.

The report's recommendations include:

  • reviewing the share of taxi fares allocated to drivers;
  • providing for the licence release model to have regard to demographic and economic factors; and
  • revisiting provisions in the legislation that may be hampering the take up of WAT licences outside the major metropolitan areas.

The report proposes exploring some possible alternatives to alter the licence release process, rather than recommending the immediate suspension of the release process.

This means that there will still be an opportunity to obtain both OOTL and WAT taxi licences from the Transport Commission through the usual processes while this work is underway.

Industry members will have ample opportunity to comment along the way as the recommendations are considered.

Some measures may be able to be implemented in the short term, whereas others are likely to require further examination and consultation with the industry.

Updates will be provided to the industry through the department's Taxi News bulletin. Anyone with an interest in the taxi industry is encouraged to contribute to that consultation process in order to make their views known.