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Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industry Legislation Review

The Passenger Transport Services Act 2011 and the Passenger Transport Services Regulations 2013 commenced on 1 July 2013.  The new Restricted Hire Vehicle Regulations 2013 also commenced on that date.

This legislation implements the key recommendations from a review of the Passenger Transport Act 1997.

Information regarding the new legislation, changes to the operator accreditation scheme and the new licensing scheme for restricted hire vehicles is available here at www.transport.tas.gov.au.

Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries Act 2008

Taxi, luxury hire car and restricted hire vehicles are regulated by the Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries Act 2008.   The most recent changes to the Act commenced on 1 July 2013.  The most significant change was to bring restricted hire vehicle services (formerly known as limited passenger services) into the same regulatory scheme as taxis and luxury hire cars.   This change came about following the passenger transport legislation review in 2011.

Review of Taxi Industry Legislation 2006-07


Paper 1 provided background about the Review and an overview of what the Review was intended to cover.

The Taxi Industry Reference Group was formed to provide advice to DIER on behalf of the taxi industry on the issues covered in the Review.

Discussion Papers

The following nine discussion papers formed the basis of DIER's consultation with the industry and stakeholders. They were published over the period December 2005 to October 2006.

Meetings of the Taxi Industry Reference Group

Policy Proposals

Paper 11, published in March 2007, outlines DIER's draft policy proposals following the conclusion of the first stage of consultations.  A summary version was distributed to stakeholders.

Following further meetings with the Taxi Industry Reference Group and the receipt of submissions from stakeholders, Paper 12 was issued in July 2007.

Paper 12A, the final paper from the Review, was issued in August 2007 after a further meeting with the Reference Group to discuss concerns relating to the issuing of new taxi licences.