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Passenger Transport Legislation Implementation

The Passenger Transport Services Act 2011 and the Passenger Transport Services Regulations 2013 commenced on 1 July 2013. The new Restricted Hire Vehicle Regulations 2013 also commenced on that date.

This legislation implements the key recommendations of the Passenger Transport Act Review.

Information regarding the new legislation, changes to the operator accreditation scheme and the new licensing scheme for restricted hire vehicles is available at www.transport.tas.gov.au.

Safe Community Transport Review (SCTR) and the Passenger Transport Act Review (PTAR)

The PTAR and the SCTR were initially undertaken as discrete projects, but were combined into one project because the legislative instruments for achieving the aims of the SCTR were the same as those required to improve and modernise the Passenger Transport Act 1997. With the passage of the passenger transport legislative package in November 2011, both projects were completed.