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What we do

Deliver transport services

Delivering safe, efficient and reliable transport services is fundamental to the State’s economic and social well-being.

We need to invest strategically in infrastructure and transport to support state growth and our role is integral in the regulation, creation and maintenance of Tasmania’s transport infrastructure systems.

Our transport system includes:

  • Registration and Licensing
  • Road Safety
  • Roads and bridge infrastructure
  • Vehicle and traffic compliance
  • Passenger transport such as buses and taxis
  • Walking and cycling

State Growth undertakes a number of regulatory functions relating to the delivery of transport services including the important roles of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and the Commissioner for Transport, which ensures the safety and quality attributes of the transport system.

We also manage concessions schemes that provide to support to people with disabilities, students and older Tasmanians.

Advice to the Tasmanian Government supports the formulation of policies that will provide ongoing benefits to Tasmania as well and ensuring we have an efficient and sustainable transport system.

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