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Vehicles, registration and licensing

  • General Information

    General information on having a registered vehicle in Tasmania.

  • Payments and Registration Options

    Information on our various payment options (including direct debit) and our registration options such as periodic, seasonal and short term.

  • Buying, Selling, Renewing and Cancelling

    Information on buying, selling, renewing and cancelling your vehicle registration in Tasmania.

  • Concessions, Exemptions and Rebates

    Information on exemptions and rebates plus any concessions and discounts that is available.

  • Number Plates

    Information on new, replacements, duplicates, personalised and trade plates.

  • Conditional Registration

    Conditional registration is issued to vehicles which do not comply with relevant vehicle standards or for any other reasons require conditions.

  • Dealer Registration

    Information on the Dealer Registration Scheme. The Scheme enables dealers to issue registration certificates, plates and labels where authorised to do so.