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Increasing participation by Tasmanians in education and training is an essential part of achieving the Department of State Growth’s purpose to create jobs, growth and opportunity for all Tasmanians.
Investing in skills and workforce development supports our economy to become more productive, be innovative and compete on the global stage. Training and workforce development is also critical to ensure Tasmanians can take up the news jobs being created in the economy.
The Tasmanian training and workforce development system has strong connections with business and industry to ensure that our training meets the needs of businesses and prepares individuals for real jobs. The system is also targeted to ensure that individuals that need support to be work-ready are assisted to overcome the barriers that stop them from finding a job, being effective in their work and staying employed.
Training and education are the collective responsibilities of government, industry, community and individuals. The Department of State Growth, through its Skills Tasmania Division, takes the lead in developing and managing the Tasmanian training and workforce development system in partnership with industry, the education and training sector, and the wider community 
Skills Tasmania is responsible for:

  • planning, purchasing and supporting the delivery of training and workforce development services for Tasmania
  • policy advice on skills and workforce development
  • management of the Tasmanian training and workforce development system
  • planning and support of workforce development within and across industry sectors and regions
  • promotion of industry and individual investment in training
  • the development, regulation and administration of apprenticeships and traineeships
  • other targeted skills and workforce development programs funded by the Tasmanian Government.