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The Science research sector in Tasmania covers science research activities, predominantly those of publically funded research organisations. The state‚Äôs natural advantages of proximity to Antarctica and the Australian Southern Ocean (ASO), geographical isolation, abundant water and wind resources and a stable population have resulted in expertise and capabilities in a number of scientific areas: Antarctic, Southern Ocean and marine sciences, climate change, information communication and technology (ICT), oceanography, system modelling, biological (including biodiversity and plant) sciences, food safety/microbiology, radioastronomy, population genetics, maritime engineering, agricultural and veterinary sciences, fisheries and chemical, physical and earth sciences.

The state has a record of attracting internationally-recognised research staff and collaborative programs to Tasmania. In addition, Tasmanian science research provides tangible benefits for many Tasmanian-based industries. These include aquaculture, agriculture, forestry, mining and biomedicine, as well as various service-based initiatives.

Priorities for the science research sector include:

  • developing an evidence-based framework for Tasmanian Government investment in science research;
  • facilitating relationships, information sharing and investment between science practitioners, industry, government and the community to better understand and meet community needs, as well as seek out and attract investment; and 
  • delivery of a Science engagement program to increase general community awareness of scientific principles, science career options and the importance of scientific advances for everyday life.

Sector summary