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The wine sector covers all industries where the main activity is the growing or processing of grapes. The Tasmanian wine industry is a relatively small, but high value and high profile industry. It has close linkages to the tourism sector and makes a significant contribution to the Tasmanian brand. The Tasmanian industry is made up of a number of small wineries, vineyards and contract wine makers that produce cool climate wines of generally high quality and value oriented towards the super and ultra premium end of the market.

The wine industry in Tasmania is seen as a priority sector with excellent growth prospects and the ability to increase employment and economic benefits to the state.

Priorities for the wine sector include:

  • marketing and promotion - raising awareness and therefore increasing sales of Tasmanian wine
  • sustainable production and market-led growth – research, development and extension activities with a focus on best practice environmental stewardship by vineyard owners, along with initiatives to encourage market-led growth
  • investment attraction.

Sector summary