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The vegetable sector covers the growing, harvesting and processing of many vegetables. The Tasmanian vegetable industry is comprised of two main sectors: fresh vegetables – including fresh washed and packed vegetables and leafy green vegetables; and processed vegetables – processed vegetables primarily include frozen potato products and frozen vegetables including peas, broccoli, carrots and onions etc.

The Tasmanian vegetable sector is undergoing a period of structural change to become more cost effective and responsive to market needs. Growth is likely to occur in those sectors where there is growing market demand and where Tasmanian businesses have a seasonal and/or quality market advantage.

Priorities for the vegetables sector include:

  • Reduce input costs and increase productivity to achieve a long term sustainable and cost competitive model, including exploring options to increase economies of to improve productivity and reducing costs.
  • Maintain investment in research, development and extension support to industry. Work in close collaboration with Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) to identify areas of industry priority.
  • Pursue marketing and market development activities individually and investigate opportunities to promote the qualities of Tasmanian and Australian grown vegetables.

Sector summary