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The Tasmanian Poppy industry covers the growing, harvesting and processing of poppy material in Tasmania for sale into the global narcotic manufacturing sector.

Poppies are an important rotation crop for the state’s cropping sector and it is reported that over 800 farmers grow poppies as a part of their mixed farming enterprises. It is estimated that poppies produced in Tasmania result in production of approximately half a billion dollars worth of pharmaceuticals.

Tasmania’s cool temperate climate, quality soils, reliable irrigation water and established production and processing capability provide the state with a competitive advantage in the production of high quality poppy crops. The state’s sound regulatory structures for the production and management of this narcotic product also provide for a secure and well managed supply system. The sector is entering a period of change and adjustment that offers new challenges and opportunities.

Priorities for the poppy sector include:

  • The Tasmanian Government will continue to support industry activities that enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the State’s poppy growers and will implement those actions agreed to in industry discussions.
  • The Tasmanian Government will continue to engage with its interstate and national counterparts to advocate for a strong and sustainable Tasmanian poppy industry into the future.

Sector summary