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The Tasmanian fruit industry covers the growing, harvesting and processing of fruit. The Tasmanian fruit industry comprises three key sub sectors – pome fruit (pip fruit), stone fruit and berries. Fruit, including apples, stone fruit and berries, is grown and packaged primarily for high-value fresh fruit markets both domestically and internationally. The industry leverages Tasmania’s seasonal advantages and relative disease and pest free status.

The Tasmanian fruit industry has comparative advantages in the production of quality pome, stone and berry fruits but its relative distance from market is a constraint. To mitigate this requires further improvement to productivity, efficiency and greater leveraging of the Tasmanian brand.

Priorities for the fruit sector include:

  • ensure Tasmania maintains and strengthens its level of biosecurity and border protection in line with the strategies developed in the Primary Industry Biosecurity Action Alliance
  • undertake market development and maintenance activities to maintain and/or grow existing markets and access new markets, including leveraging national marketing activities
  • maintain and/or increase competitiveness in key markets.

Sector summary