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Increasing participation by Tasmanians in education and training will support businesses to innovate, compete in a difficult economic climate, and improve the quality of and opportunities for our communities.  Education is a collective responsibility of government led by the Department of Education, in partnership with industry and the wider community.

Skills Tasmania implements the Tasmanian Skills Strategy, which has been recently updated to align with new reforms and policies that have influenced the Tasmanian and national training systems.

The Tasmanian Government is also investing in programs to improve adult literacy and numeracy for all Tasmanians facing barriers to better engagement in society and work. The 26TEN program aims to increase awareness and understanding of adult literacy issues across our communities. A 26TEN grants program supports employers to develop pilot programs that showcase how developing the literacy, numeracy and communication skills of their workforce contribute to business productivity and competitiveness.

The University of Tasmania is critical to Tasmania’s social, environmental and economic development. There is a clear correlation between the levels of university education and per capita GDP. The Tasmanian Government works in partnership with the Australian Government, the primary funder of the tertiary education sector, to increase the number of Tasmanians with tertiary qualifications and to build our science and research capacity.