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Business enabling environment

Improve the business enabling environment for all enterprises.

    Key initiatives include:

    • Business Tasmania
      • provides all government licences, permits, regulations and related forms in one place, the Australian Business Licence Information Service
      • reduces the time it takes for business to apply and comply with government regulations
      • provides comprehensive information, tools and resources for business
      • streamlines government-to-business service delivery
      • encourages business-to-government and business-to-business collaboration
      • provides 24/7 access to online information.
    • Infrastructure Tasmania
      • the Government is in the process of establishing Infrastructure Tasmania, which will  provide a coordinated approach to the planning and delivery of all major infrastructure in Tasmania, including rail, roads, ports, energy, water and sewerage
      • Infrastructure Tasmania will assess, prioritise, and review major economic infrastructure proposals, including the coordination of all infrastructure funding submissions to both the State and Federal Governments.
    • Planning Reform Task Force
      • the newly established Planning Reform Taskforce is responsible for establishing a single state-wide planning scheme and will also develop a single set of procedures and documents for all applications and permits.