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Forestry Tasmania Transition 2011

In 2011, it was recognised that Forestry Tasmania's business model was unsustainable.

As a result URS Australia undertook an independent strategic review of Forestry Tasmania to examine and report on the future structures, governance and business models under which Forestry Tasmania could best operate in the context of challenging market conditions and major industry changes.

The URS review highlighted the extent of the financial issues facing the business and recommended separation of the commercial and non-commercial functions of Forestry Tasmania.

As a response to the review a new Forest Management Act 2013 was approved by the Tasmanian Parliament and the former Forestry Act 1920 was repealed.

This Act implements recommendations from the URS report in two ways:

  • firstly, by transferring Forestry Tasmania's system of formal forest reserves and associated non-commercial reserve management activities to DPIPWE, and
  • secondly by providing a narrower, primarily commercial, focus for Forestry Tasmania.

The new Forest Management Act will enable Forestry Tasmania to focus on its commercial functions and ensure the sustainability of the business into the long term.

Below is further information relating to the Forest Management Bill 2013: