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RFA Reviews and Amendments

The Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (RFA), is an inter-governmental agreement between the Tasmanian and Australian Governments, signed in November 1997. The Agreement provides for the long term sustainable management of Tasmania's forests, both public and privately owned, and applies for 20 years, with five-yearly reviews.

This page provides a short history of the RFA, including amendments, five-yearly reviews, and the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement (TCFA), with a focus on relevant documents.

RFA Third Five-Yearly Review & Extension Process

The Tasmanian Government together with the Australian Government invited public comments on the implementation of the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) for the reporting period 2007 to 2012, as part of the third five-yearly review. Five-yearly reviews are required under clause 45 of the RFA.  The Tasmanian RFA third five-yearly review commenced with the signing of the Scoping Agreement by the Hon. Paul Harriss MP and Senator the Hon. Richard Colbeck. The Scoping Agreement sets out the arrangements agreed by the governments for undertaking the review.

The following documents were jointly prepared by the Tasmanian and Australian Governments as an input to the review process.

The Summary Document provided information about the Tasmanian RFA, review process and a summary of the government's progress in implementing the RFA. The Implementation Report provided a more in-depth analysis and commentary of the actions, recommendations and the progress in implementing the RFA. The documentation is a compendium of the original RFA, Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement (TCFA) and the first and second five-yearly reviews of the RFA and the TCFA.

An independent reviewer, Dr Glen Kile, was appointed to undertake the review. Dr Kile has analysed the Implementation Report, stakeholder comments and other relevant information and has finalised his report. The report has been forwarded to the Tasmanian and Australian Governments and tabled in the Australian Parliament.  The report contains a number of recommendations which will be considered by both governments and will provide input into the negotiations for the extension of the RFA.

The report is available from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture:

Members of the public were invited to provide their comments on the implementation of the Tasmanian RFA for the third five-yearly reporting period in mid-2015.

The representation period for submissions has now closed.

26 submissions were received for web publication in the representation period. These submissions can be viewed via the link below:

Third Five-Yearly RFA Review submissions

The report of the Independent Reviewer, Dr Glen Kile, has now been completed and submitted to the Australian and Tasmanian Governments. The report has been tabled in both houses of the Australian Parliament. The report can be accessed via the link below;

TRFA Review (PDF, 1186.87 KB)

Joint Government Response to Third Five-Yearly Review

The Tasmanian and Australian Governments have jointly prepared a response to the recommendations contained in the report by the independent reviewer, Dr Glen Kile, on the third five-yearly review. The response can be accessed via the link below:

Joint Government Response

Any queries relating to the review can be made by phoning the Department of State Growth on (03) 6166 3499 during business hours.

Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement extension process

Clause 8 of the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (Tasmanian RFA) requires the Australian Government and the Tasmanian Government (the Parties) to agree a process for extending the Tasmanian RFA as part of the third five-yearly review.

This document shows the process the Parties are using to negotiate an extended Tasmanian RFA and the relationship between this extension process and the third five-yearly review of the Tasmanian RFA.

Formal negotiations will conclude with the Prime Minister and Tasmanian Premier signing and announcing the extended Tasmanian RFA.

Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement

A Way Forward For Tasmania's Forests

On 13 May 2005, the Tasmanian and Australian governments signed a Supplementary Regional Forest Agreement. It is a supplement to the Tasmanian RFA, and was developed to implement the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement (TCFA) 2005.

The supplementary agreement, and the three maps which form part of the agreement are available to download. A fourth map is also available which is not part of the agreement, but gives a state-wide view.

The Australian Government’s Agriculture website has further information on the TCFA and the supplementary agreement.

Annual Reports on the implementation of the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement.

Amendments to the Regional Forest Agreement

On 19 July 2001, both Parties agreed to minor variations to the RFA, to ensure that compensation and termination provisions were consistent with RFAs in other states, and to address minor issues such as a change in mailing address of the Commonwealth and the clarification of an ambiguity of public reserves as informal reserves.

RFA 10 Year Review

The second five-yearly review of the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement 1997 covering the period 2002-07 was completed in February 2008. Both governments have agreed to implement all of the recommendations from the review. The parties to the Tasmanian RFA have released their detailed responses to the recommendations arising from the second five-yearly review.

The Joint Government Response to the second five-yearly review of the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement can also be viewed on the website of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries website.

The purpose of the review was to review performance against the specified milestones and commitments of the Regional Forest Agreement 1997 and the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement 2005. The RFA 10 Year Review (2007) Scoping Agreement set out the agreed arrangements for the review.

The review was undertaken by Mr John Ramsay, an independent person jointly appointed by Ministers from both governments.

The governments prepared two reports for the purposes of the RFA 10 Year Review. The Sustainability Indicators Report 2007 and a report on the Implementation of the Regional Forest Agreement 2007. Public comment on these reports was considered by the Reviewer in preparing his report to the governments.

TCFA Intensive Forest Management Program Audit

In response to a recommendation from the 10 Year Review, the Tasmanian Government commissioned independent financial and performance audits of the $115 million intensive forest management program funded by both governments under the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement from 2005 to 2010.

Audit Reports

Forestry Tasmania's response to the recommendations

RFA Policy Framework

The following document was prepared in 2002 to describe the statewide policy framework.