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Ministerial Advisory Council on Forestry


Membership is determined by the Minister for Resources and members are drawn widely from the forests and forest products sector.


Membership is determined by the Minister and members are drawn widely from the forests and forest products sector.

Current MAC members are:

Hon Guy Barnett Minister for Resources (Chair)
Mr Terry Long Deputy Chair
Mr Terry Edwards Forest Industries Association Tasmania
Mr Tom Fisk Private Forests
Ms Karen Hall Tasmanian Forest Contractors Association
Mr Peter Skillern Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association
Mr Andrew Denman Tasmanian Special Timbers Alliance
Mr Robert Torenius Tasmanian Sawmillers Association
Mr Steve Whiteley Forestry Tasmania


The Minister for Resources established the MAC in 2014 to inform him of the broad range of views regarding management and use of our forests, and to work with the Government to develop a strategy to grow the forest industry and to create jobs.

The MAC has been established to identify, support and promote strategic opportunities for the short, medium and long term to increase the value of Tasmania’s forest industry, with input from a wide range of stakeholders.

Terms of Reference (182KB PDF)


The MAC is responsible for:

  • informing the Minister on issues affecting forests and the forest industry, including third party certification, resource security, supply chain security, residue markets, value adding, and market security;    
  • advising the Minister on opportunities for, and impediments to, growth of Tasmania’s forest industry;    
  • supporting Tasmania’s forest industry in the community and markets; and    
  • advising the Minister on key operational and strategic policy direction and requirements relating to forests and the forestry industry, including development of a Strategic Forest Industry Growth Plan.    

Sub Committees

The Minister, in conjunction with the Council has formed the following sub-committees to progress specific issues:

  1. Special Species Timber Sub-Committee    

Strategic Growth Plan

A key role of the MAC is to advise the Minister on opportunities for the growth of Tasmania’s forest industry, including development of a strategic forest industry growth plan.

The MAC has presented a Strategic Growth Plan for the Tasmanian Forests, Fine Timber and Wood Fibre Industry (Growth Plan) to the Minister for Resources, the Honourable Guy Barnett.

Strategic Growth Plan for the Tasmanian Forests, Fine Timber and Wood Fibre Industry (1.3 MB PDF)

The Growth Plan was developed by the Council to provide direction to enhance employment and profitability in Tasmania’s forest sector. The elements of the plan are consistent with the 2016 recommendations of the National Forest Industry Advisory Council, made to the Australian Government  to  enhance the national industry.

The Growth Plan is based around the following eight core elements, with strategies recommended for each of these elements.

  1. Meeting Community Expectations  
  2. Tasmania’s Wood and Wood Fibre Resource    
  3. Research, Innovation and Extension  
  4. Encouraging Investment  
  5. Essential Public Infrastructure  
  6. Market Development and Strategic Marketing  
  7. Skills Retention and Development  
  8. Industry Representation and Collaboration  

Strategic Growth Plan – Tasmanian Government Response

The Minister for Resources has provided a formal response on behalf of the Tasmanian Government, to the Growth Plan’s recommendations as part of the Tasmanian Government’s 2017-18 budget process.